Akaroa Is a small city on the Eastside of Christchurch. It was once claimed by French before they knew that the British had already made a treaty with Mauri (People that had Settled before the British). This little town still has french street names but little left here is French.

From our house it took about an hour and a half. If you look on a map some may wonder why in the world it would take me so long. It is because You have these little hills called the Port Hills. There are few roads in New Zealand that do not take the Scenic route. This means that we wind up the hills on a narrow two lane road. For me this was exciting and fun but for my wife, who was on the side in which the cliff dropped, she was white knuckled and stiff as a board. Instead of looking out the window to enjoy the beauty, she couldn’t help but look out the window and notice she could not see the edge of the road. We also had to make a pit stop for my son who we now know gets car sick.


Pit stop to let Caedmon get some air.
Pit stop to let Caedmon get some air.

When In Akaroa we enjoyed once again some Fish and Chips. Then we climbed to the top of Stanley Park. A new experience for me Was that in New Zealand Parks are shared with Sheep. So as we climbed up to the top we had to go through Several fields and gates to stop the sheep from getting out.


There were also some pretty young lambs that were with their mothers as well.


It was a steep climb but the walk was worth it. The kids couldn’t get near the sheep to pet them either they were pretty Skiddish so we had to tell them to leave them alone.

Also on the way home I stopped to take a picture of the Cherry blossoms. they were out in full bloom.


We really enjoyed ourselves and even survived Just FINE! AUDRA!!! I hear when we go to the west coast through the southern alps it is even more fun. So maybe I can return Audra with some white hair.


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