How Things Have Been Going…

Aaron says it’s my turn to write the blog. So I thought I’d give just a general update on what the kids and I have been doing. When we first arrived in New Zealand, our intention was to put Caedmon into school. However, we discovered that the process of applying for an exemption to home school was not quite as scary was we had thought. Also, my Dutch nature kicked in. We had already bought all of the material we needed to home school Caedmon and Josiah for the upcoming year and I couldn’t bear the thought of not using it. The boys and I, then, are pretty busy every day with school. Home schooling has been a blessing in that it makes most of our time here feel very normal. While most everything has changed, the routine of school has stayed the same.

The last few weeks have been a bit bumpy. We were warned that most newcomers to New Zealand get sick quite often during their first year here. I was hoping we were going to be the exception to the rule… but unfortunately not. Two weeks ago, the kids had a really nasty stomach bug, and this week both the boys have strep throat. Thankfully, we have found the health care system here very easy to navigate, and have had no problem getting to see a doctor. We have been surprised to find out how quickly and easily our medical needs have been met. We were a little concerned with how medical coverage would work especially with me being pregnant and not being a resident of New Zealand, but it has been extremely easy seeing my midwife and other doctors.

I have been discovering just how different it is to give birth in New Zealand compared to the United States. Here pregnancies are handled by midwives, From what I can tell, birth is considered a much more natural event than in the US. It is much more normal for women here to give birth at home, and midwives are much less quick to intervene to get labor started. I really like my midwife and am a little excited to see what it will be like to give birth here. I had an ultrasound a few weeks ago and found out that we are having a boy. Caedmon was a little disappointed. He really wanted another sister, but he has been having fun coming up with creative names for his new little brother.

Mostly, though, things have settled down and life is getting to seem normal again. We know many people have been praying for us as we have adjusted to our new life here. We are so thankful for those prayers, and  grateful that God continues to grant us new mercies every morning.


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